RAISE at Bellwether Church

What is Raise?

Bellwether’s Vision is: Raising Leaders who Raise Families who Raise the Kingdom.

RAISE is how we live out our vision.

We believe anyone – anyone – can be a leader for Christ. Jesus can RAISE a person up to new life. The Holy Spirit can work through that one person to change the life of their Family, and the world for His Kingdom.

However, we believe a leader for Christ should begin to live differently. They should take on spiritual disciplines – which become habits – which become character – which becomes their life. This is what we call RAISE. Each letter in RAISE represents a discipline – something you should do – to further your walk with Christ and let the Holy Spirit work in you.

R is "Rise with God."
Your own personal devotion time.

A is "Affirm the Family."
To give to your family: as husband, wife, parent, brother, or sister. This can be a nuclear family or your church family.

I is "Invest in Your Church." We believe people need to be part of a body, a community, a church. And once they feel called to a place, to give of themselves in some form of service to it.

S is "Share in a Group."
Although someone is in a larger church, everyone needs a smaller group to grow, learn, and be accountable to.

E is "Engage the World."

Watch these videos to learn more about RAISE.

RAISE - Rise with God

R is "Rise with God"

RAISE - Invest

I is "Invest in Your Church."

RAISE - Extend Yourself Out

E is "Engage the World."