Bellwether Church Media Library



  Wednesday Nights
May 29, 2016, "Rise With God" - John Hugh Tate

  A New
April 3, 2016, "Rise With God" - John Hugh Tate
He Is

December 27, 2015, "Jesus Presented in the Temple" - Dr. David Carroll, Elder,
January 3, 2015, "Then" - Chris Kellum, Elder,

  Advent 2015
RAISE Your Gaze
WORSHIP and Wisdom

  Follow, A Series on the 10 Commandments
How Do I Know God?
Easter Sunday 2015, "To Awake and Marvel" - John Hugh Tate

  Make It Plain
Face To Face

  Name Above Names
Bishop Swanson - Safe Place

  Discovering God's Will - Kellum
Our Walk

  David Carroll - Missions
Ask Anything
God Bless You

  Last Night
How Does Jesus Change My Life?
Valentine's 2014

  Broken to Beautiful
Welcome Home
New Address, Same Vision by Pat Ward, guest Pastor

Working for a Living
  This is Your Life

Red Letter Days
  As We Go
  What Happens when you die


  Who is Jesus?
  Our Future


From Darkness to Light
  B for the City   Apostles' Creed


  Utter Dependence
  What is a Bellwether


Go and Die *

 We Seek Worship and Shepherd *

   Broken Beautiful Bold *


No One Home Alone

This is Your Life

   Our Fall *


Our Image *

Why Jesus? *

   The Art of B'ing a Man


The Atheist, Agnostic, and Religious *

 Working 9 to 5 *

   RAISE Redux


Alternate Reality: Life by the Spirit

Grace: What is it?

  Faith: Do You Have it?


Holy Week *

 Last Days

   Love, Lies, and Lust



Advent Conspiracy

   Giving is Living



Your Life in the Red Zone