About Bellwether Church

What You May Need To Know

Everyone is welcome at Bellwether Church. Come, join us, and you will see!

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What to wear?
What you want. We run the gamut - suits, jeans, even shorts in summer.

Where are you?
On the corner of Old Canton and Northside Dr., Diagonal from Highland Village and Whole Foods, 4264 Old Canton Road, Jackson, MS.

What to expect?
A welcoming, open communinty. Powerful, diverse worship. Biblical, relevant messages. Words on a sceen. We use videos and several movie clips. Lights down for worship, up for the sermon. Celebrating church traditions of infant baptism and communion.

Connecting Past Worship
We encourage you to join a "B Group" (our version of small groups) and serve in some way (Family, Youth, Unleash, Set-up, Hospitality).

Most of all
We want to help you see One Savior and be raised up as a leader for Him.