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Working for a Living

Bellwether Church - Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day weekend is upon us.
Translation: college football season is here. Summer (supposedly) is over. We get Monday off. People play golf. Perhaps barb-que.

All good. Yet, it begs to remember - this is the day, the holiday, created for all who work. And many of us do. Yes we have careers and callings. But we work. At jobs. For a living.

Whether we love or hate our work, whether we punch the clock or whittle hours away in a cubicle, whether we extend our lunch or keep looking at the clock, whether it feels like we work mainly in Starbucks or on the interstate, the big part of our lives is spent - at work, in the office, building a career......making a living.

Do we ever think of how our work might bring glory to God? Is that totally separate? Is our work about making a living, or is our work our life? Does our life give meaning to our work or does work give meaning to our life?

If we are a Christian, supposedly, Jesus Christ is to shape and penetrate everything in our lives. That includes work we do - whether our dream job or a temp gig. So many people don't look at it that way. We compartmentalize our lives - from work to family to play. Jesus wants it all. He wants to be in and work through every area of our lives.

Will we let Him? Can we let our work give glory to Him? Even if we aren't pastors and missionaries, but accountants, salesmen, cooks, cleaners, mechanics, doctors, politicians, actors, artists, firemen, soldiers, or librarians?

At Bellwether, this Sunday of Labor Day weekend, we begin a new series called "Working for a Living." It'll be about living as "As You Go" Christians. It'll be about how one's work can glorify Christ. It'll be about your work reflecting your life......your life in Christ.

Whether you work to pay the bills or because your work defines you, we hope this series will help you see your work, and life, in a whole new light. The light of Christ.

That it matters what you do, and how you do it.


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